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Equipment Catalog

The Boone Innovation Lab is currently bookable only as a whole.  Please disregard the search bar above, and scroll down until you see the "Boone Innovation Lab" box with "Availability" link.  Click on Availability to select a day and time.  Reservations must be made at least 4 days in advance.  You may reserve time up to one month in advance.  You may book a 1 or 2 hour appointment during any timeslots marked in green. 

If you are not seeing availability on a particular day, the Lab is either closed or that date is not within the limits described above (it may be less than 4 days in advance, more than a month out, etc.).  When you check out, you'll provide your contact info, library card number, the equipment you'd like to use, and a description of your project.  A staff person will review your reservation request.  You'll receive an email with information about the equipment selected when your appointment is confirmed.   

If you have any questions about equipment or reserving time, please call us at 859-342-2665.

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